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Income Protection for Doctors

1.   You've invested a great amount to get where you are.
      2014 median cost of attendance for a 4 year medical school.* 
Public: $218,898
Private: $286,806
2.   You may have a huge amount of debt to pay back. 79% percent of medical school      graduates carry $100,000 or more of medical school debts.**
3. You have a lot of earning power on the line.
     In 2013, physicians earned between $176,000 and $413,000 annually--more than most other professions.***
4.  You'll probably be working a lot of extra hours. The U.S. faces an estimated       shortage of 90,000 physicians by 2025.****
5.  Disability occurs frequently.  You see it firsthand.
     1 in 4 of today's 20 year olds will become disabled before they retire.*****

     Approximately 90% of disabilities are caused by illnesses rather than        accidents.******
Many physicians  are  under insured when it comes to income protection
+ Limits should be adjusted for incomes that increase over time.
+ Coverage may be lacking correct features to maximize your protection.

Physician Financial and Insurance Services

1187 Coast Village Road # 220

Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Telephone: 1-800 318 6050


CA Insurance License #0B19335



***              Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2014

****            Washington Post

*****         Social Security Administration, Fact Sheet March 18, 2011

******       Council for Disability Awareness, Long Term Disability Claims Review, 2011  

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