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Post Pandemic  Insurance Changes

Physicians have been on the front line of the global COVID-19 pandemic since 2020.  Emergency Medicine physicians have seen death and disability with their patients rise dramatically from COVID 19.   

How does all of this impact the life and disability insurance industry and the policies they issue to physicians?  

1. Disability and Life insurance companies are increasing premiums.

2. Pandemic and travel exclusions in policies are being discussed and implemented.

3. Physicians exposed to COVID 19 are having their disability and life insurance applications postponed or denied.

4. Medical exam requirements for obtaining insurance are often being replaced with more intense background checks of applicants and phone interviews of applicants.

5. Insurance companies are looking into applicants social media pages, motor vehicle reports and prescription drug records.

These are the best strategies today to obtain a comprehensive disability and life insurance policy

1. Have your existing coverage reviewed by an insurance professional.  

2. Review and edit your social media pages for any content an insurance company may find concerning.

3. Postpone any future international travel plans until you have obtained the necessary disability and life insurance coverage to protect you and your family.

4. Exercise, eat healthy foods and get into the best possible physical and mental condition before applying.

5. Contact your primary care physician and discuss eliminating any medications that are no longer necessary. If you had a previous medical condition that is completely resolved, you should make sure that is noted in your medical records.

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